We’ve got Big news! Dark Legacy was successfully funded through Kickstarter in late February. It is a great feeling that there are people out there willing to spend their hard earned money on a product that they have never seen before. We here at Dark Legacy want to thank every single one of those people who made Dark Legacy a reality and helped in bringing Dark Legacy to the public. Here are those people. Thank you very much.

Kevin Martin                Bob pendarvis                     Terri Harley
SkipperWing               Francisco Martinez            Jonathan Jordan 
Alex                               Quinn Johnson                    Edward Williams 
Freddie Bethune         Norb                                      Elvin Hernandez
Drew                             Yanan Wu                             Wiley 
Darkwaterfrey            Pablo Leon                           Aaron Nakahara
Cassidy Strickler       Tim Meyer                            Holli Garza
GWM28                        Julia Ann Fiedler                 Oyim Neelay
Charl anne Brew        Nick Leslie                           Chad White
Ben Barling                 Chris Sanderson                 Heidi Rota
Anthony Mihovich      Denis                                     Seth Forster
Scott Alden                 Robert Atkins                       Enrique Rivera
Fin Cer                          Charles Nowlin                  Stephanie V. Lamb
Fifthbogey                    Laura Edwards                  David Chua 
Don Clevenger            Paulcach                             Kevynn FountainofYouth Joseph
Zeitgeyser LLC           Josie Adams                      Danny Araya
Sven von Brand           Roman Felber                    Harvey A Buffalo
Will                                 Ralph Pacheco                  Ely Lebron
Hannah Benbow          Zak Mix                               Katie Tantillo
Michael Healy              Steven Rector                    Kenneth Hill
Erin Morris                   Andy Irvine                          Jason Saldana
Douglas74                    Jeff Shetler                         Moses Jay Jerome Roberts
Adrienne Childres      Gabrielle                               Brian Briggman
xbluelinex                    Steven Oudin                       Erica Tillman
George Tillman           Kevin Johnson Jr.