Planet: Titan

Economic Status:
Money is used primarily as purchasing power between city-states. Regionally, the barter system is used. Depending on location, materials, for barter increase or decrease in value according to rarity.

Energy Source: Subordinate magic.
Magic in its simplest form is a living creation. Like heat or light or even flesh. And, like all creations it is comprised of the building block of life, the atom. In a sense all life is a form of magic. IN this world people have learned to harness this form of power into a source of energy. The only downside is that magic, like nature, is a free, living entity whose action is based on whims instead of calculated thoughts. Making magic a pure form. Using a machine to weave a being or to control magic invites thought or corruption into the magic, a.k.a. human influence. It takes away the chaos and replaces it with order. It is taking the natural and making it unnatural. There are two forms of creations. A demon is a form or being created by subordinate magic. It is a tortured creation whose purpose is unknown. Without a goal or meaning in life it retains no loyalty and is subject to sudden and violent mood changes as it fights to understand its purpose. An Avatar is a form created form primary magic. Because it is “woven’ naturally and not “stitched” together it is allowed to control its actions and thoughts. Making them nearly perfect, with an understanding of the world.

Technology: Advanced
Creation of Robots, teleporters, and space crafts are all now possible in this world.

Political Structure:
The world is divided into city-states. Kaiser has the largest, and most aggressive, followed by Oz, whose is actually a remnant of one of the Three Kingdoms. The others are divided amongst the world, and are significantly smaller, or politically disinterested in contact with others. These are the ones Kaiser has now focused on conquering.

Weapons and Gadgets needed to survive:
The only thing needed to survive is a filter.

How has the Environment necessitated these weapons/gadgets?
The filter is used to power any and all technology. It takes the elements in their raw form and converts them into the specific magic or energy form requested. It uses the tow extra elements on Titan to form these new creations. Cities run on very large filters that are in turn fueled by some natural occurrence, while individuals can carry a small filter to power smaller weapons or gadgets.


28 years ago, during the reign of King Eulid the Dominant, the world was in great peace. His kingdom was widely accepted as the center of the world. It was smaller then the other two surrounding kingdoms, yet far more advanced. His court wielded both the newest advancements in technology and in magic, primary magic. King Eulid became less concerned with his kingdom, and more with having the largest kingdom around. He was not content to be surrounded on both sides by people not loyal to his throne. He and his court therefore commissioned expeditions out into the unknown world beyond the boundaries of the neighboring kingdoms. These voyages oftentimes proved successful, as he was able to discover the city of the Hawks in the Great Mountain, and the Ocean City. This contact with new powerful races strengthened his throne and allowed his kingdom great knowledge and resources previously unavailable. Not content with his newfound status and power, Eulid commissioned more voyages outside and even construction of cities on the outer boundaries of the kingdoms surrounding him. King Eulid was unsuccessful with his new cities. His landlocked kingdom surrounded on both sides couldn’t effectively quell disturbances in the two new cities. The amount of time required sending troops through the neighboring kingdoms and into the wilderness to find the new cities was far to long, and by the time they got there the problem was usually resolved. As a result, troop morale was lowered, and contact with the city-colonies was lowered. Eventually, King Eulid tried to bring back these colonists. The colonies however had other ideas, and was not so willing to give up there new found homes. Both declared themselves independent of the kingdom and each other, and set about building their own government.

12 years ago, following the independent movement, the colonies found themselves isolated and for the first time without government help. They quickly came to the realization that without primary magic in large amounts and currency recognized by the other governing bodies that they would not be able to last long. Kaiser, a young nobleman in the West Colony, helped discover the first “Filter”. This filter he founded could produce energy resembling primary magic, yet tamable and not prone to the randomness of primary. Upon completion of this filter, Kaiser helped to set it up in the city allowing for it to power the city and create its guardians. Kaiser promised the people of his now powered city-state that they would never want again.
These filters were incredibly efficient, and as such Kaiser went about mass producing them and selling them on the government level to the various kingdoms. This gave his city-state (as they called themselves) an incredible influx of currency on both a governmental and local level. Anything associated with Kaiser was valuable. To an end this perturbed King Eulid, and he waged war with his allies the Hawks and the Watermen against the newly empowered Kaiser. However they were unaware of the dangerous power of the filters, and blind in their belief of their superiority. The Hawks and Watermen were both the sworn protectors of Titan. They each had unique civilizations built upon relationships with primary magic. They feared this new subordinate magic and all its potential. Not just on a way of life scale, but on a global life ending scale. They fought valiantly, but were ill equipped. in the end Kaiser was the victor
6 years ago, Kaiser in the height of his defensive war commissioned the first of what would be a line of weapon nullifiers: Abigale. This construct would hopefully seek out and destroy both the sacred axe of the Watermen and the Sword of the Hawks. Such internal blows to the fundamental societies would hopefully crush them or at the very least take them out of the war and allow Kaiser to focus on the remnants of King Eulid’s kingdom. King Eulid had been slowly losing the war as a result of the declaration of Union from Queen Camille with Kaiser. Her large kingdom fired day and night into his smaller kingdom, leaving him with only Minister Oz and his land left out of the battle. King Eulid died when Kaiser’s spies blew up the filter located under his castle.

3 years ago, Kaiser’s nullifier completed its first mission, the destruction of the Ax. However, the unexpected happened, and the amount of power wielded by Abigale was enough to destroy the entire city leaving it a charred husk. Kaiser assumed Abigale was consumed with the destruction.
Having won the war and proved his superiority, Kaiser began picking up the pieces of the fallen empires. It was revealed that during the war Queen Camille had fallen ill and died, and her kingdom, now in civil war was easily swayed under Kaiser’s new regime. Kaiser also grasped for land formerly owned by King Eulid, but much of that claimed a new loyalty to Minister Oz. The Hawks however continued to fight and Kaiser had heard myths of how powerful their sword could be.

2 weeks ago, the isolationist leader of the Hawks was assassinated. This leader was the founder of the move for the Hawks to isolate themselves from the perils of the outsiders. They viewed them as having brought nothing but destruction and peril to the world and nothing but war to the Hawks. His assassination led to the country, already in civil dispute, into civil war. The fundamentalists, who believed in the active participation of the Hawks in the world around them, were blamed, and the majority of the citizens of the Mountain City turned toward isolation. This effectively ended the war between Kaiser and the Hawks.